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The Profit Talk: Entrepreneurship With A Profit First Spin

Jan 12, 2021

Welcome to Profit First With Susanne Mariga, CPA! In this show, we're going to help you explore strategies to help you maximize profits in your business while scaling and creating the lifestyle that you want as an entrepreneur. I am your host, Susanne Mariga! I'm a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Mastery Level Profit First Professional, and a Certified Tax Coach .

In this episode, we discuss what keeps businesses small, and more importantly, how to overcome these limitations.  My guest for this week's show is Monique White.  Monique White is an attorney, registered nurse, certified professional coach, international speaker,  Amazon bestselling author, and founder of Triumph Services LLC. She has over 28 years of combined experience in Health and Business Services, Law, and Public Safety. Originally founded as Triumphant and Free in 2017, Monique helped individuals overcome and push through obstacles to discover and embrace their unique talents, skills, and abilities to enjoy life the way that God has promised-with joy, hope, love, peace, and power. The company was reorganized in 2018 to Triumph Services LLC, a consulting and coaching firm. Triumph Services helps single professional moms replace their full-time income with a part-time hustle so they can be home with their kids, do what they love, and never miss a first again.

Triumph Services LLC also provides legal support services to law firms on their medical legal matters providing medical record review, affidavits of merit, medical chronology, attend independent medical examination and reports, deposition and trial support, and expert testimony.

Monique has appeared on the MsSavvy Pro Show, Lady Kay Chat, Lens of Faith Speaks, Getting Organized in High Heels, Woman Unmasked, as a panelist for The Chef and The Coach, L.I.F.T, published in RN Journal, and is a co-author in the anthology Lift, Launch, Lead. She served as a mentor for Connecting Generations and serves as Brand Ambassador for Unstoppable Black Woman, adjunct clinical instructor, and on various community committees. And, she is the visionary and producer of the annual I Am More! Women’s Conference and host of the weekly Meet the Expert Facebook Live Series and the Real Talk Facebook Live Series.

Monique White has been described as visionary, anointed, driven, encouraging, and persistent. Whether she is speaking at a conference, workshop, on a panel, 1:1, consulting on business or legal matters, or just holding a patient’s hand, Monique’s passion for propelling and empowering others shines through. She is truly a leader who serves.

Monique holds an Associates degree in nursing science from Mercer County Community College, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in nursing  from New Jersey Institute of Technology and University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and a Juris Doctorate from Rutgers School of Law. Additionally, she holds a Certificate in Professional Coaching from Community College of Philadelphia and multiple national certifications in her specialties.




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